CrossFit Viento is led by a team of caring and experienced full-time coaches dedicated to the process of improving your health and fitness. Our coaches work with people of all fitness levels. Whether you are new to the gym or an experienced athlete, we’ll meet you at your current level and help you achieve your goals.


Our full-time coaches are all accomplished CrossFit competitors, having qualified and competed multiple years in the CrossFit Regionals, and the CrossFit Games. We drive ourselves to be CrossFit athletes competing at the highest level of the “Sport of Fitness” but that doesn’t mean that we expect you to have that as your goal. We get that everyone has different fitness goals. We support anyone working to improve themselves and want to help everyone meet their goals. Our experience as CrossFit athletes and our passion for CrossFit provide the foundation of the coaching methodology we use to develop and improve all areas of fitness for our members.


Our small class sizes allow our coaches to give personalized instruction and feedback to everyone in class. Our coaches take the time to teach and properly demonstrate each movement before every workout. At CrossFit Viento you’ll always receive personal attention and we’ll adapt the workouts or movements as needed for each individual’s skill and fitness level.


We strive to make our workouts fun and challenging for all of our members. CrossFit Viento’s programming is written in house, specifically for our community and the space we train in. We incorporate functional movements from different sports like gymnastics, running, weightlifting, rowing, biking, and strongman using the traditional CrossFit methodology of constantly-varied functional movement performed at high intensity. By adhering to this principle in all of our programming we will help you develop and improve your overall strength and athleticism regardless of your background and current fitness level. The training needs of a grandmother and a competitive athlete vary by degree, not by kind. This is the real beauty of the CrossFit training methodology, the same workout can easily be adapted to fit the specific needs and abilities of every individual in a class. It works. We believe in it. And we’re pretty sure you will too.


We are a community of positive-minded people and we welcome all similarly-minded people regardless of their current fitness level. It’s not about where you start. It’s about getting better. We believe that the camaraderie of working out together pushes and develops a person in a way that simply can’t be experienced working out alone. This non-judgmental, nonstop support system becomes your extended family and builds confidence that will extend to all aspects of life in and outside of the gym. We take the utmost pride in our CrossFit Viento Community.


We offer all the amenities you need to have a great training experience. Our facility is specifically built for strength and cardio training and outfitted with the latest equipment. A few features include air conditioning, a shower for those rushing straight to work, and a selection of great nutrition products for sale. Our gym management system, Wodify, provides a state-of-the-art platform for managing classes and WODs as well providing members with automated performance tracking, nutrition and sleep journaling options, and seamless membership management and retail purchasing.


We are passionate about quality movement and dedicated to proper nutrition for your lifestyle. We want to share our knowledge with our members by offering regular clinics and seminars to develop new skills, further existing skills, refine technique with the more complex movements, and learn about managing your nutrition for health and performance.


CrossFit Viento offers group training membership options to fit your goals and schedule including Limited (12 classes per month) and Unlimited memberships. Our seven-day schedule makes it easy to fit classes into your busy schedule. Memberships are hassle-free with monthly auto-renewal and auto-pay. There are no long-term commitments or initiation fees. Cancel anytime with written notice two weeks prior to your auto-renewal date. Click here for more information on memberships, rates, and how to join.


210 Clearwater Lane, Ste. 101
Hood River, Oregon 97031

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